When Death Occurs

What to Do When Death Occurs

There are very few things more distressing than the death of a loved one, and when it occurs, people are often at a loss as to what they should do.

Death At Home

If a death occurs in the home, and the deceased was not under medical care, then the local police department must be notified. An officer will come to the scene and determine whether the death was due to natural causes. Then he or she will get in touch with the medical examiner in order to arrange to have the death certificate signed. Once that is done, the deceased can be transported to a Detroit funeral home.

Death in the Hospital

When your loved one passes in a hospital, hospice, or nursing home, the health professionals at the facility will notify you, and ensure that all legal requirements are taken care of. In some instances, they’ll call the Detroit funeral home of your choice, but to be safe, it’s best that you get in touch with us directly to make sure that all the details are handled according to your specifications.

When a Death Is Anticipated

If you believe that your loved one will soon pass, you may want to consider making arrangements in advance. This is so that when the sad event does occur, you won’t be overwhelmed.
You don’t have to make any decisions right away. At Hutchison Funeral Home, we’re the best Detroit funeral home option when it comes to helping you get through this difficult time, and we’re here to help you, not pressure you. You can reach us at 313-893-1880.

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